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Building History

The objective of a building history is to tell the story of the building from the date of construction to present day. By placing your building within a historic context and revealing alterations, we can more accurately preserve the building's character defining features. 

Conditions Assessment

What are the historically significant features of your building and what condition are they in? An assessment systematically works through a building and documents materials, condition, and integrity. 

The second part of an assessment makes specific recommendations to mitigate the loss of character defining features and to help the overall health and appearance of a building. 


Deferred care leads to the loss of historic materials and features, which can result in costly repairs. We make maintenance feasible and manageable by designing a  program to be predictive and proactive rather than reactionary. Cyclical and regular conservation will reduce costs and help keep your building intact.

Project Management

Picking the right contractor can be a difficult and lengthy process. Using my experience in the trades, I will develop a scope of work, hire, and oversee projects to ensure they are done effectively and efficiently.

Property Management

Working on a retainer basis to provide maintenace services to property owners. From reglazing windows to winterizing, I can offer cost effective repairs and proactive upkeep of historic properties. This service includes the oversight of specialized trades and contractors.  



Alex Tolstoi, Principal 


As a student of historic preservation and a carpenter, I look at buildings as both projects and as a historical record. Buildings are cultural resources—telling the story of previous builders and occupants. As the stewards of these inherited stories, we owe it to those that came before us and to those that will follow, to ensure that the details that define these buildings are preserved and recognized. I wish to engage these stories not only through interpretation but with tools in my hands. 




  • Historic Preservation, MS-  University of Vermont

  • American Studies, BA-  Marlboro College

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